Welcome to the Red Rage Tailgate!


Well if THAT doesn’t get you fired up for Louisville football and some tailgating, I don’t know what will! We are just one month away from being out there at Old Cardinal Stadium, getting the tailgate set up and ready to watch our Cards kick off the 2016 campaign against Charlotte.

For those that don’t know me, my name is Justin Renck. After a brief 6 month hiatus, I find myself back in the blogging game. I just couldn’t stay away for too long. I kept getting the itch to write about the Cards. So the Red Rage guys (Dave, James, and Josh) approached me and said they had a spot for me whenever I was ready. After mulling over it for quite some time, I went ahead and took the plunge, knowing how perfect this fit truly is. Although they are the originals and this is all about the tailgate that they started, I don’t feel like an outsider at all.

James Durst, Josh Stinson, Dave Magee, Justin Renck

James Durst, Josh Stinson, Dave Magee, Justin Renck

Enough about me. Let’s talk about this new and improved website and why you should go ahead and bookmark it so you can check it early and often to start your day.

First of all, this website will be focused on tailgating, and everything else will be secondary. We are going to prepare you each week to have the best tailgate possible. Louisville fans are GREAT at tailgating, so don’t take that as meaning you need our help. But a little extra advice couldn’t hurt. Food and drink recipes for the week? Sure! Proper etiquette if you are running the tailgate or just attending the tailgate? You bet! Contests that you can win and have an all expense paid experience at the Red Rage Tailgate? ABSOLUTELY!

We will also find out the best spots to tailgate if you are hitting the road with the Cards. No one wants to go to a new town and not know where to find fellow Cards fans or the best spots to set up before the game. We will get that information for you.

Think you have the best tailgate setup in the parking lot? Then you have a chance to win the coveted Tailgate of the Week award, which is slightly above the Lombardi Trophy when it comes to prestige and popularity.

Now don’t get me wrong, we will step outside the world of tailgating every now and then. If any of us have opinions that we just have to get out about the game or the season in general, of course we will use this platform to do so. There may even be some special guest writers pop in from time to time to share their wisdom with you.

We will post major news here if we deem it necessary to post. But everyday news and updates? You can get that pretty much anywhere. This is different. This is new and exciting.

This…is the Red Rage Tailgate!

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