Schnellenberger Kokomo?

This morning we posed a question to fellow Louisville fans on Twitter. If you could only choose one song to blast all tailgate long, what would it be? All the responses were great, but one really stuck out. The Schnellenberger Kokomo?! We’ve never heard this before, but it’s great, and you need to check it out. Big thanks to @RTPB07 for sharing.

2 thoughts on “Schnellenberger Kokomo?

  1. That’s John Ramsey and his brother Jeff doing that song. John did the Schnellenberger voice, as well as that of Willie B, a regular “know it all” character on their show on WRKA, back then on 103.1. I believe they did that in the 1988 season, when the Cards were 8-3 but we’re snubbed by the bowls.


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