Top 10 worst BBN fans

Here at the RRTG we like to make lists…. Lists of top tailgate foods, top beers, top dance moves; anything really. So today in a total troll move on our part, we bring you The Top 10 Worst BBN fans. Please feel free to add any we missed in the comment section below.

1. The Asshole – when talking sports with this guy, a fist fight is possible at any moment. He is usually small, but his mouth is huge. He is a KSR loyalist and a train wreck.

2. The “BBN gets in” Idiot – This moron goes to others’ FB and B-ball games wearing UK gear claiming “BBN gets in”. Hey jackass, anyone can get in, you’re the only dumbass who wants to go that doesn’t root for either team.

3. Basketball Baby! – Does UK have any sports but basketball? Don’t ask this guy because he has no idea. He frequently says “I only like basketball” and any comeback has to do with Bball.

4. Ashley Judd – just like UK, she was hot in the 90’s and repulsive now.

5. Drake – bandwagon turd. A perfect UK fan.

6. The Jock Swinger – This fan boy has never had season tickets to any UK sport, never went to UK, literally has nothing to do with the University but is a die hard UK fan.

7. Mr. Smug – In this person’s world, only UK exists. You could be talking about your team or talking about the 70’s Packers and this gent will bring up UK. Super Bowl? UK. Olympics? UK. Shuffle board on vacation? UK.

8. The Smurf – This lad wears nothing but UK gear. If you know their blue outfit before you even see them then they are a smurf. Grow up and buy some adult cloths loser.

9. The Benedict Arnold -This fan was born in And graduated from UofL but for some reason hates the Cards. Gross.

10. The Ignorant Shit Talker – This person is the rabid UK fan that is completely clueless about the team and sports.


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