Come join us at The Craig’s Annual MS BBQ FUNDRAISER!

As you know, we at the RRTG typically pretty much post about absolute nonsense, but today we want to tell you about a wonderful fundraiser for a great cause. Since we couldn’t possibly begin to describe the reasoning for this event the way the Craig family could, we are going to let the Craig’s give you a more personal backstory. We think knowing why people are driven to do things such as fundraising for a cure, makes it more personal. So here is the Craig’s story straight from them.

Cathie’s Crue

The Craig’s Story

Our Mom Cathie was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in her early 20’s after many doctors told her that it was all in her head and that she was crazy. Along with many other symptoms, our mom woke up one morning completely paralyzed and unable to walk. After a lengthy hospital stay and many tests, our mom was given the diagnosis of MS.

MS is a very unpredictable disease, so one day our mom may have had blurred vision or double vision. Some days she was completely paralyzed on one side; fatigue, dizzy, and always walked with a limp. When her exacerbations would get so bad, she would resort to going to the doctor where she would be placed on steroids. Being the strong and courageous woman and mother that she was, she tried to hide her illness from her three kids and it was not until her youngest, Morgan, was about 14 that she was told that her Mom had MS.

Since many doctors told our mom that she was crazy and it was all in her head, she was very reluctant to see a neurologist routinely. At about the age of 45, her husband and kids finally convinced her to go to the doctor. Cathie attended many MS clinics and took many medicines which included daily injections at times. Our mom was also one of the few that suffered from trigeminal neuralgia (excruciating nerve pain-and is classified as one of the most painful conditions known).

Shortly after our mom started seeing a neurologist routinely, it seemed that physically and mentally things started to deteriorate. Our mom had to resort to use a cane, then a walker, and then was completely dependent on a wheelchair. She started to lose her ability to control her bowels and bladder and had to have someone be with her 24 hours a day.
It seems that the transition from our mom being able to walk to depending on a wheelchair was rather quick and at the time, our house was not handicap accessible. My Dad, along with many family and friends, transformed our house with ramps, wider doorways, several additions including a walk in shower and many other things to accommodate.

Despite all of my mom’s limitation and pain she would endure on a daily basis, she never complained and always had a smile on her face.

Seeing what our mom and many other people had to suffer with, with having this terrible disease my family and I started attending the MS Walks and raising money to fight this terrible disease. Our first walk in 2001 only consisted of 10 people and we collected about $1,500.00. After about our 5th walk, we wanted to raise more money but we wanted a way that people could have fun while donating. So that’s where our annual BBQ fundraiser comes into play. This year is our 9th annual BBQ fundraiser. In 2015, we raised over $28,000 and since our 1st BBQ fundraiser we have raised over $250,000!!!!!

So as you can see, the Craig’s lives have been greatly impacted by MS. So now they are impacting others with MS, by raising money for a cure! Please come out and help support the cause. It really is a blast! Prizes, music, beer, great food, and A LOT of stuff to do for the kids. See you there!

WHEN: Saturday, September 10th 3-?

WHERE: 8817 Fairground Road

WHAT: 100% goes to MS society

  • BBQ/hot dogs/hamburgers
  • Raffles
  • 50/50
  • Corn Hole Contest
  • A lot to do for kids.

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