RRTG 2015 Year in Review – Auburn

We are only 17 days out from the first tailgate, so we thought we would take some time and recap last seasons tailgates. This is something we will continue with once the season starts, so we hope you like it and maybe you will be mentioned in 2016!

RRTG 2015 Year in Review – Auburn

The Tailgate

We hit the parking lot in Atlanta with a new and improved Red Rage and over 300 hotdogs, chips and drinks in hand. The boys from 93.9 were broadcasting and we had no idea about what was getting ready to happen.

93.9TheVille broadcasting (Rummage, Rutherford, Wahman)

Mike Rutherford & John Ramsey

Rummage & Renck

phat ass tailgate

A damn full blown block party with hundreds in attendance broke out! Enthusiasm was high and we were rocking. 


Our tailgate MVP: Russ Hedger

Russ has been able to use his hauling expertise to take the RRTG to another level and for that he earned himself a trophy. 

The Game
Mistakes and missed opportunities. The end of the game sums it up for me. Bobby calls an ill advised time out allowing Auburn to waste 4th down and end the game instead of punt. The game was full of turnovers mistakes and drops. We came back but the clock ran out.

Louisville VS Auburn


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