Justin Case You Care: Vol. 2


Welcome to the second edition of “Justin Case You Care”. In this weekly post, I will talk about whatever comes to mind. That could include some UofL sports, but it could also expand to other things. Honestly, you may not care. But if you are here, I appreciate you taking the time. Let’s see what’s on the agenda for this week’s JCYC…

RRTG Going to Marshall


That’s right, the Red Rage Tailgate crew and the Rage itself will be at the Louisville-Marshall football game on Saturday, September 24. The game will be at 8:00 p.m. and the Marshall fans are already getting jacked up for that one. It is only about a three hour drive, so go ahead and snatch up your tickets and meet us there.

We will be in section 113. The official UofL sections are 101 and 103, but let’s sprinkle a little red throughout that whole stadium. We already have a lot of information on parking and the best spots to tailgate, because that is the kind of information we will be bringing to you. So stay tuned for that. I just wanted to go ahead and put it out there so all of you can join the RRTG at Marshall.

Last Chance U

Last Chance U.jpg

If you have Netflix and have not watched “Last Chance U” yet, go ahead and do that. It is just 6 episodes, about an hour each. It is a documentary about East Mississippi Community College and it follows their 2015 season. The team is usually made up of guys that have transferred from big schools and are using EMCC as a stepping stone to get back to another big school. Or guys that haven’t made the qualifying grades, so they go to EMCC to get their grades up and try to qualify for a D-1 school.

If foul language offends you, disregard any kind of statement I said about you needing to watch it. You don’t. You will be offended. If you can handle language, it’s a must-watch. You also get to see a current Louisville Cardinal on the show.

UofL QB commit “put on a show” last night

Malik Cunningham

Photo: montgomeryadvertiser.com

Montgomery Park Crossing QB Malik Cunningham opened his 2016 season last night and “put on a show” according to Ethan Bernal of the Montgomery Advertiser. Cunningham’s team won 30-20 and he was 14-22 passing for 179 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. He also rushed for 94 yards and two touchdowns on 20 carries.

Cunningham also has offers from LSU, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and many more.

High School Football

Holy Cross

Photo: tape.preps.com

The high school football season for our local teams kicks off tonight. Good luck to Holy Cross High School as they travel to Owensboro to face Evansville Central at 10:00 p.m. ET. And since my RRTG crew went to Southern, I guess good luck to them too as they play at Moore.

AdvoCare Drink Update


So I mixed up this little concoction yesterday and it was amazing. Blue Raspberry Spark plus Red Raspberry Rehydrate. Ever had one of those popsicles that give you the red AND the blue flavors? Yeah, imagine that in a drink form that gives you energy, mental focus, vitamins, and keeps you hydrated. It’s kind of unfair, really.

Less than two weeks!


And finally, I will close with this. People, we are less than two weeks away from one of the most anticipated UofL football seasons in recent memory. I love this time of year. The hype and build up is a blast. I can not wait to get out there to Old Cardinal Stadium and tailgate with everybody and make that walk over to PJCS with friends and take it all in. The time is nearing. Make the most of it!


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