Win a FREE Tailgate for Two at The Red Rage Tailgate

Do you like Louisville Football?

Do you like tailgating?

If you clicked on this link we are willing to bet the answer to those two questions was a resounding…. YES! Well folks, have we got some news for you.  This season we will be giving away a RRTG all expense paid tailgate experience to every home game. What does this include?

  • Food provided (for two)
  • Drink provided (for two)
  • RRTG swag 
  • Shout out on all social media outlets
  • Write up about you on the website
  • Chance to meet 93.9TheVille celebs

To enter, all you have to do is like and share on Facebook or Like and Retweet on Twitter. The winner will be contacted two days before the game. Only one prize pack per fan, per season. Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to see you in the parking lot!


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