RRTG 2015 Year in Review – Samford

It was a night game on a Saturday and a guaranteed win, so you know what that means. The tailgate was an all out party before and after the game! 

The Tailgate MVP: Mandy Magee

Mandy brought her “A” game and also made a cool Louisville themed poster that you take pictures with. Girls love that kind of shit.

The RRTG/CSZ Tailgate of the week: The Wieter family. 

Talk about having a badass tailgating machine! The Wieters have some of the coolest stuff you’ve ever seen in their camper. Old helmets, piece of the goal post from the FSU rain game, Joe Tronzos broken face mask. It’s unbelievable!

We might have raged with them after the game but we are not sure, everything is a bit cloudy from that night.

The Game

All frustrations were taken out on Samford. The team destroyed them. 


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