The Offensive Lineman

This is the first post by our guy Brandon Dumas. We are calling it “The Offensive Lineman” in Brandon’s honor. The man was a beast of a football player for St. X back in the day and now he’s dropping knowledge. 

The Offensive Lineman

By @Dumasville

Alright folks, it’s that magical time of year again. Thursday kicks off the new Cardinal football season and I, for one, cannot wait. This has been a much tougher off-season than normal for this guy, what with the ban and disappointing end to what was a great baseball season and all. I did everything I could to get my sports fix: watching MLB, Little League World Series, Last Chance U, and thank God (or whomever/whatever you believe in) that ESPN Classic aired a bunch of classic UofL games a few weeks ago.

Now we are just a few short days away from kicking off what not only looks to be a very promising football season, but a very promising sports season for all Cardinal teams. Unfortunately, grown up responsibilities will keep me from joining the party at THE RED RAGE TAILGATE until about 4:30 Thursday, but I can guarantee I will go hard for the 2 hours I can make it, before departing for kickoff. My guys will be out there early, so come by a check out the definition of a Tailgate Utopia.

I feel like we are going to see the type of football that we were all hoping for when Tom brought Bobby back. Our D is bringing a lot of experience and size back, our O-line should be much improved, BadRad is ready to run wild, we have the deepest WR/TE units I can ever remember and oh yeah, we have this QB that’s supposed to be pretty damn good. So let’s do this thing right Cardnation, get out as early as possible, tailgate your hearts out, and then get into the stadium for kickoff and cheer your asses off for our beloved Cardinals.

Let’s RAGE.


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