A message from the UL South Florida Alumni Association 

Greetings South Florida Cards and those of the like,

Football season is upon us, and as the resident South Florida member of the RRTG, I can tell you two things: our hearts bleed for Teddy Bridgewater, and we are so pumped for Cardinal football we can’t stand it. From Sam Madison to Elvis Dumervil to Eli Rogers, we’ve got Cardinal football covered with an unmatched wealth of fanfare. But, we also boast guys like the “Originator” Ricky McFadden, “big sexy” Mike McKinney, “the Professor” John Bock and “Mr. Smooth” Darius Mann to provide weekly insight to how we do as Cards in Paradise. We’ve kissed Rose Murphy and drank bourbon with Rashaad Roberts. Watched women’s basketball with Tyrus McCloud? Check. Jäger bombs with Marc Sander and Steven Henchy? Double check. 

So here we go, about to embark on what we feel is the most optimistic track in Card history. How do we keep you informed? We will be going live on Facebook, posting insight from your favorite South Florida Cards before, during and after every game, and continuing to show the world the UofL South Florida Alumni Chapter is the best in the world. Prayers to Teddy B, kisses to Sheri Rehrman and fists to those who get in our way. Cardinal Football is our high, and Mike Cunningham is our hookup.
Go Cards,
Damon Stinson


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