Gameday Tailgate Info: Charlotte


It’s like Christmas Eve for us tailgaters. We plan all off-season for that first tailgate of the season, and now it is nearly upon us. Now we sit here, the night before. We plan our whole day out: what time we are heading to the stadium, who brings what, which store are you going to stop at on the way? There are many things that go into setting up a (fun) tailgate. The season starts tomorrow. Here is your gameday tailgate info for this week.

Where: Old Cardinal Stadium – Lot H. If you enter into the fairgrounds by Cardinal Cafe, you pass the booths where you pay your money, then take your first right. The Red Rage should be on your left as you enter the parking lot.

When: Red Rage should be arriving in the 9:00-10:00 a.m. range.

Cost: $8 to park, that’s it. Take up all the room you need for $8. Can’t really find that anywhere else around the stadium.

What to bring: All that is required is yourself and a good time. However, feel free to bring your own drinks and food. We at the Red Rage are known to be generous, so if you happen to show up totally unprepared, you can probably get a drink or a bite to eat. That’s what good hosts are for.

Saints: Saints Pizza and Pub will be bringing by some wings for the people to enjoy. We can’t promise they will be available all day. In fact, I can go ahead and say that they will NOT last long. They should be at the Red Rage around 3:00.

The walk: It is about a mile. This is not too bad if you have a good group walking with you and can get some CARDS cheers going or just have good conversation if you so choose. Also, a couple beverages can pass the time as you venture to PJCS.

Why: Well, why not? You have heard of the Red Rage Tailgate. Why not experience it? It could change your life. I never speak in hyperbole.

*All of this is subject to change as the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center likes to take up our parking lot sometimes (yes, our lot), and we never know until we get there. If that happens, just stay tuned.*



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