Will Jawon Pass redshirt this season?

Jawon Pass

Photo: Adam Creech/Voice Tribune

When Jawon Pass committed to Louisville, it was a huge pickup for Bobby Petrino and the future of the QB position at Louisville. Then Lamar Jackson had his breakout season and solidified himself as the starter for 2016. When that happened, I started to wonder if it may just be best that Jawon Pass redshirt this season. Bobby Petrino gave some insight into their plans for Pass after the Charlotte game on Thursday.

“If we stay healthy and everything works out, then we’ll hold onto his redshirt,” the coach said. “But he’ll practice each week just like he did (this week) to go in and play. I’m really excited about Jawon. He’s very mature, really smart. For him, the way he handles himself at practice is amazing. He’s into every play. He’s watching Lamar (Jackson), watching Kyle (Bolin) when he’s not in, and he learns and gets better each play in practice.”

A player of that caliber to redshirt? It isn’t unheard of. Jameis Winston and Johnny Manziel are recent Heisman winners that took a redshirt in their first season of college. Barring injury, Lamar Jackson and Kyle Bolin can absolutely run the show in 2016 for the Cards. I realize that is stating the obvious. There is no need to use a year of Pass’ eligibility right now.

So looking ahead, 2017 would be Jackson’s junior season and Bolin’s senior season, with Pass being a redshirt freshman. In 2018, Bolin is graduated, and you still have Pass and possibly Jackson (if he is still here). Oh, and the Cards open 2018 against Alabama. One position we won’t have to worry about is QB!


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