Syracuse blogger really doesn’t like Bobby Petrino…really

Bobby Petrino

(AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

I have never really had a problem with Syracuse. Kyle Kuric owned them in Freedom Hall. We tend to own them in basketball in general. We shut down Madison Square Garden in the final (real) Big East Tournament with a comeback win over them. MSG is basically OUR home, not theirs. They got us in football back in 2012, but we still went to the Sugar Bowl…and won. So no, no real problem with the ‘Cuse. But apparently, a blogger of theirs has a problem with Bobby Petrino. And he makes no secret about it. is the SB Nation site for Syracuse, which makes that their version of Card Chronicle. Don’t fool yourself. This dude is no Mike Rutherford. In a post titled “Syracuse vs Louisville: Noted dick Bobby Petrino thinks Orange are cheating”, Sean Keeley (Keeley on twitter) has the following things to say…

When you think of integrity, you think of Bobby Petrino.

The bastion of all that is good and pure in this world has a glowing reputation for committing longterm to the program or franchise he’s coaching, putting his team’s success before his own, and following through on his promises. When some of his former players or coaches referred to him as a “coward” and “gutless bastard” that was simply misplaced anger.

And hey, even when he cheated on his wife, he did it with someone else’s fiancé and even had the courtesy to hired that woman, skirting laws to do so. He didn’t just leave her out to dry. That’s integrity.

I do appreciate the “aw shucks, I’m just a good old boy who don’t know no better” way Petrino goes about accusing Dino Babers of cheating as a way to soften his dickery. Well gee whiz, I don’t know how that works up there but we’ll take a good ol’ look at that there, gee willikers.

Ol’ Robert is way too covered in grease himself to get away with that tactic.

Louisville dropped 70 points last weekend, is a massive favorite, and absolutely crushed SU last season, so I’m not sure why Petrino has a complex this time around. Maybe he doesn’t like the idea of Babers’ offense being touted when he’s been running high-tempo offenses for a while. Dunno.

Its just so weird cause its so out of character for a straight arrow like Petrino…

Pretty sure this kid just did the internet version of stomping on the bird. Good luck ‘Cuse. This should end well.


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