Syracuse Fans are Turds

Photo Edit:

This morning, we were looking for some articles on the upcoming game with our ACC brethren, the Syracuse Orange. While doing so, we came across a message board thread about our beloved Louisville Cardinals. In this thread, it seems Cuse fans are pretty cocky about the upcoming game. That’s fine, we totally understand. We ourselves probably have a little too much confidence in our own squad at times. The thing we found funny was the fact that they seem all bent out of shape over Petrino mentioning looking into the chains being moved and set before Syracuse snaps the ball. Some even went as far as saying that Bobby’s comment shows he’s worried or scared of the Cuse. We can assure you Syracuse fan, that Bobby isn’t scared of anyone but does respect all opponents, so stop with that bull shit talk. Here’s what’s going to happen Friday night.

  1. Louisville kicks your ass
  2. You sit back and take said ass beating
  3. You realize Louisville is your Daddy
  4. You keep your turd mouth shut

We will admit that we really like your new coach though. Syracuse is going to rise back up under Coach Babers. Listening to him talk yesterday, you can just tell he’s the man for the job and we really like the system he runs. Unfortunately for you, it’s not going to matter Friday. So good luck on Friday turds, you are going to need it.

Link to the turd post



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