On behalf of the Red Rage Tailgate…Thank You for Saturday!


Before we turn the page and move on to this weekend’s game at Marshall, which will be awesome because the Red Rage will be there, I had to write something to recap Saturday. I don’t need to recap the game, you know how that went. But I may mention how great it was because that doesn’t get old. But I wanted to recap the day (or days) and thank everyone that made it so enjoyable.


The greatness started on Friday with College Football Live at 1:30. The stars of the show could have been James Durst and Josh Stinson, walking around like the tag team champions with the new belts from the Awards Center that would be handed out the next day to the Tailgate MVP.

Red Rage.jpg

What followed that was ESPN.com writer Andrea Adelson meeting up with us to get a look at the Rage. She also loved the Lamar cutout that we got from Signarama. She wasn’t the only one that loved it. Check out all of these people that got Hurdled by Lamar during the tailgate on Saturday. There may be something coming from Andrea involving the Red Rage this season. I will just leave it at that.


Then the Rage made its way to Lynn Stadium to see the soccer team take down #1 Notre Dame. After that, it was time to get to Old Cardinal Stadium and really begin the tailgate. Although in reality, the tailgate did start around noon on Friday. It just kept changing locations throughout the day. A 24 hour tailgate that was mobile. That’s legit.


Saturday, it got real. I got out to Old Cardinal Stadium around 5:00 a.m. and the parking lot was already half full. The Rage was going strong, with some people still up from Friday night. I felt like a slacker. But I wanted to get there early to take in the day as much as possible, and because something huge was going to happen at the Rage…


SportsCenter began their live broadcast at 7:00 a.m. from the Red Rage. What was just your typical tailgate with normal UofL fans was now front and center on ESPN’s SportsCenter to kickoff one of the biggest days in Louisville football history. It’s surreal to even type that, but that’s what happened. I hope to have the link for the video soon. Big thanks to Michael Eaves from ESPN for being out there and broadcasting from the Rage.

Speaking of that moment, we want to thank each and every person that came out to the Rage for the live SportsCenter hit. You all made it unbelievable. If you came out there early just for that, or if you were already in your own spot but walked over for that moment, we thank you. That was an absolutely amazing moment for the Red Rage Tailgate and because of you, the University of Louisville was represented in a great way for a national audience. I know that because Eaves told me that the other anchors from ESPN that were on during that time were in his ear saying how great the scene in Louisville looked.

The rest of the tailgate was a blast. DJ Optimix Prime had the tunes going all day and kept the party going. There was never a dull moment because of the man under the tent.

DJ Optimix Prime.jpg

The food from Zeggz and Saints kept us all nourished throughout the day. They may have saved lives.

The rain came, and it didn’t scare anyone away. Former Card Lorenzo Mauldin decided to get his Rage on and was taking pictures with anyone who wanted one, even in the rain. Anything you have ever heard about how nice and down to Earth he is, it’s true.


After this, it was gametime. As you know, and have probably watched multiple times, the Cards destroyed the Seminoles. In fact, I say we refer to them now as just SU because we beat the F out of them.

In all seriousness, thank you to everyone that came out to party with the Red Rage Tailgate on Saturday. We hope to see you this weekend at Marshall!

Go Cards…Go Tailgating!


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