Marshall road trip info: Parking, tailgate spots, beverages in the stadium


If you are making the short trip to Huntington, WV this weekend to see Louisville take on Marshall, you will want to know some things heading into it. Where can you park? Where are good spots for tailgating? Can you buy beer in the stadium? We have those answers for you right here so you don’t have to do the research…

First of all, even with all of the parking info I am about to give you, you will want to be with the Red Rage Tailgate on Saturday. Here is the post with details on where we will be. That should be option 1. Everything else should be a backup plan. But in case you need that, here is some info on that.

From Grant Taylor, who covers Marshall football for The Herald-Dispatch:

The best tailgate spots among Marshall’s contingent are in the West Lot right beside the stadium. Fans are friendly and they can mingle with the crowd and enjoy some solid grub and beverages.

If they are wanting to set up their own tailgate, there are several lots within just a couple of blocks of the stadium that offer a great chance to set up and assemble a crowd.

Lots that are generally student parking on Third Avenue from 16th to 18th Street are normally available for a price (not sure of cost – anywhere from $5-$20, I’d guess).

Those lots offer Louisville fans who would want to see the Memorial Fountain from the 1970 plane crash a chance to dart across campus to check it out and then get back in time for tailgating and game prep.

Also, tailgating areas are located along Third Avenue between 20th and 23rd Street (across from stadium to Marshall softball field). There is also a big lot at 24th Street at the ACF parking lot, which I think may be $25 to park, but has RV accessibility and is within 1-1.5 blocks of entrance to visitor side of stadium.

If Louisville fans are looking for great food, they need to check out Fat Patty’s & Mancini’s Pizza, located across the street from the stadium.

Here is a map of parking areas in PDF form.

That is some great information and I appreciate Grant for the help for us and all Louisville fans. Now, moving on to some news that some Cards fans will not like…

According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, you may not be able to purchase beer inside the stadium at Marshall. This was written back in July.

Fans with premium seats at Marshall University football games have been able to buy and drink alcohol for about 10 years, but a policy change Tuesday by the school’s Board of Governors expanded the area where beer and wine can be purchased.

For now, alcohol sales have been extended to fans in sections 108, 110, 112, 114, 116 and 118. To get a seat in any of these sections for the upcoming season, fans have to purchase a $326 season ticket, in addition to making a $300 per-seat donation to the school’s Big Green Scholarship Foundation.

Plan accordingly.


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