Was Deshaun Watson Trolling Louisville during GT Game?

During the Clemson Tigers 26-7 win over Georgia Tech last night an odd thing kept happening. Tigers QB, Deshaun Watson, seemed to keep finding the TV cameras and flashing an “L”. Could he be trolling Louisville? Maybe, or maybe not. All we know is the Tigers better step their game up quickly or the Cards will be dropping a 50 spot in Death Valley next Saturday. 


2 thoughts on “Was Deshaun Watson Trolling Louisville during GT Game?

  1. Hes MAAAD because he WAS the Heisman frontrunner before a sophmore from Louisville picked up a football in PJCS, TEE HEE…..O yeah, he mad! There may be some other names more important for him to worry about; Fields, Hearns, Brown, Williams, Kelsey, Clemons, to name a few . His next ‘L’ he sees will be next to his schools name 10pm Oct 8 2016. Get use to seeing ‘L’s son!


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