Bobby Petrino addresses LSU job opening


Photo: YouTube

During Monday’s press conference, Bobby Petrino was asked about the job vacancy at LSU, as most big-time coaches will be. And you know Petrino would be asked about it, regardless.

“I’m not interested in going anywhere. I’m very fortunate to be the head coach at the University of Louisville, very happy about that, very glad I have the support of our Athletic Director, Tom Jurich. We were able to sit down last year and do a new contract. We’re going to expand the stadium. We’re coming off one of the greatest crowds and Card Marches I’ve been around. We feel like we’ve got everything going in the right direction. This is the job I want. This is where I’m going to be.”

No matter what he says, there will be doubters. People will say that he left before and he can leave again. Fair enough. I, for one, think he is here to stay until he is done coaching football. I understand if others disagree with that, but that is where I stand on it.

2 thoughts on “Bobby Petrino addresses LSU job opening

  1. It is Bobby Petrino, i’ll never say NEVER,when it come’s to him leaving.I do hope he’s telling the truth this time .Bobbt is a great coach no doubt,L’Yes Go Cards…#L1C4


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