Finebaum doesn’t think Louisville can maintain success

When Paul Finebaum was asked if he thought Louisville could keep up their current success from this season into the future, his answer was no. Paul believes Louisville will continue to be good but not great. He believes once Lamar Jackson is gone, Louisville will come back to Earth. I get that to an extent. Jackson is a very special talent, but I seriously doubt Finebaum has  looked at the Louisville roster or even knows what Louisville has coming in. We think Coach Petrino will prove him wrong and keep this train rolling for years to come.

Click here to watch the video.


2 thoughts on “Finebaum doesn’t think Louisville can maintain success

  1. Finebaum was very condescending prior to FSU game. Said FSU was the one team that could give Bama trouble. I don’t think he knows shit about our program.


  2. He’s wise in that sustaining success in football takes a lot of recruiting and consistency. We get happy with a 4* Lamar Jackson and elite teams say he’d make a nice addition. Louisville doesn’t EXPECT to win. Teams like Alabama, Ohio State, USC, Notre Dame, Michigan, LSU, Florida, and Florida state EXPECT to be in the hunt. We are not even close to where we would need to be for sustained success. Even if Petrino is a field genius he still has to coach up talent and not just let the talent go out and play. If he can lure some big time recruits because of the current team and then sustain some success and win something that matters then MAYBE Finebaum will be proven wrong but there’s a long way to go.


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