College Football News ranks all teams 1-128


Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

It’s always good to see the new Top 25 polls when they come out. But what about all of the teams AFTER that? Of course, Louisville is nowhere to be found that far down the list, but some teams have to be. Who are they? College Football News has all 128 teams ranked after 6 weeks of college football. Let’s see where they have the Cards, along with some other notable teams. Or just a couple of notable teams.

Just as an FYI, they do these based on head-to-head performances, so let me include this blurb from the article…

If you’re going to do rankings correctly and go by head-to-head records and results on the field, guess who wins really, really, really big this week?

If they played a million times, would you ever take Eastern Michigan over Oklahoma? How about Wyoming over Houston? Of course not – promise, this will all correct itself soon – but at the moment, whether you like it or not, it has to go in this order of the following teams somewhere in the rankings …

6. Louisville (4-1)

CFN Week 5 Rank: 5
Up Next: Duke

It’s not a bad thing when you spend your week off having people debate whether or not you belong in the College Football Playoff at 11-1. The Florida State win looks even more impressive now.

63. Texas (2-3)

85. Southern Miss (4-2)

86. Kentucky (3-3)

87. Vanderbilt (2-4)

88. Western Kentucky (3-3)

128. Rice (0-5)

I do love my team.


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