Justin Case You Care: Vol. 4

Justin Case

Happy Friday everybody! I am going to change things up a little bit in this edition of JCYC. Rather than pick a few topics and go paragraph form, I am going to keep these short and sweet, more like quick-hitters. JCYC is still in its early stages, four volumes in, so we are still trying to find an identity. Been a few days since the Red Rage has had a post, so let’s dive in…

-This weekend will be a treat for Cards fans. Red-White scrimmage tonight at 7:00 and then back to football tomorrow at noon in The Oven. The basketball team this season can be really special, and it’s awesome that that time of year is rearing its head.

-How great is it to not be like the kids down the road in Lexington? We are talking about basketball season as an afterthought here because we still have a top 10 football team with the Heisman front-runner and some big goals still in front of us. Basketball season starts for them after the coin toss of Game 1 in football, especially when it’s against the mighty Brett Favres of Southern Miss.

-I think yesterday’s Notice of Allegations news went about as well as it could for Louisville. The worst part was having to talk about it all over again. And it won’t be completely behind us anytime soon. But this was another step in that direction, and there was nothing that we didn’t really know about, so that was good.

-Speaking of the scandal, the news broke last year before we played NC State. Now we have to talk about it again before we play…NC State. We thought IU was behind all of this, but could it be NC State? Maybe Maverick Rowan? Cat Barber? I am kidding…maybe. Cat Barber still leads the country in steals, regardless of what the stats say.

-I am seeing a lot of people with tickets for sale for the football game tomorrow. So I fully expect to get to my seat and see the normal “noon kickoff against not a big name but the party deck is full crowd.” Blah.

-19 years ago today, Tom Jurich took over as AD at UofL. What a 19 years it has been. All I can say to Tom is a simple: Thank you!

-If you didn’t get blocked by Tom Davis on twitter yesterday, you didn’t twitter correctly yesterday. @Tom101010…go ahead and get blocked. Trust me, it’s a good club to be in.

-John Ramsey revealed that Rick Bozich will come on your radio show for $20. I will do it for $19. You decide.

-Dave Ragone will have his jersey honored tomorrow during the game. Left handed, #15, ran like a beast. Tebow before Tebow.

-Louisville’s first official basketball game is three weeks from today. At that point, hopefully football is 8-1 with a chance at 9-1 the following day. What a time of year to be a Cards fan!

-Red Rage Tailgate: Old Cardinal Stadium Lot H. Corner by Ring Road. Be there. Do it.

-Tore my ACL a couple of weeks ago playing basketball. So if you see me hobbling around, don’t kick me. Can’t wait to walk all of those steps tomorrow at PJCS!

-I grew up a huge baseball fan, but just haven’t been able to get into it the last few years for whatever reason. I honestly think most of me wants the Cubs to…not win the World Series. Sorry. When I see the majority wanting something, I just tend to go the other way. Go Braves!

-If you play fantasy football, your whole team is probably questionable this week. And they probably have weak hamstrings. Can someone fix that?

-High school basketball practice started on October 15. I am in my 5th year as an assistant coach at Holy Cross High School. I love it there and wouldn’t do that job anywhere else.

-Netflix update: almost through season 5 of “Sons of Anarchy” and can’t get enough of that show. Getting to the point where I don’t want to finish the series.

-Cheap plug: If you want to get healthy, and that could mean more energy, lose weight, gain muscle, gain time, debt freedom, whatever…let me know. I am a distributor for a wonderful company called AdvoCare and would love to help you reach your goals. It has been great for me in all of those things. Let me know, e-mail me justinrenck@yahoo.com or find me on twitter @JustinRenck. Let’s see what your goals are and crush them.

-This week’s video…Lamar Jackson vs NC State last season.

-Finally, Go Cards…Beat NC State!


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