Noon Kickoff: Good for Louisville?


For the most part, us fans can not stand when a game time is announced for the Cards and it is at 12:00. This is especially bad for home games for those that love to tailgate. Although if you are serious about it, you just get there early enough to still have 4-5 hours worth, but I digress. Road game “nooners” never really bothered me, because you don’t have to wait around all day to watch the game. However, could this be a season where noon kickoffs, whether home or away, are a GOOD thing for the Louisville Cardinals?

We are in the midst of a special season, regardless of if we make the College Football Playoff or not. However, if we are going to, there needs to be some chaos in front of us, and people around the country need to see Louisville looking impressive. That’s just the way it is right now.

Let’s assume that Louisville does look impressive in said noon game. The highlights are shown throughout the day in college football. Think about how many times during the day that you see highlights from other games that are going on or that have already happened. It’s a lot. If you are seeing them, then so are voters and people around the country. If the Cards had an impressive showing during that noon game that we were dreading, everyone is now seeing the clips of Lamar Jackson play all day long.

Another good thing is that some of these have been picked up on ABC. People are finishing up watching College Gameday, either at home or at their tailgates around the country and they are looking for a good game to watch. If there isn’t a big time game going on, most are going to tune in to see Lamar Jackson and the explosive offense. Shh, don’t tell anyone, but Louisville also has a top 10 defense.

So as much as we usually loathe the nooner, this may be the season that we need them the most. Yes, a prime-time game at night, especially at home, would be great. But if we are going to be stuck in this time slot, we have to look at the benefits. Dominate teams, and let the nation see the clips of it all day long.

Go Cards…Beat everyone!

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