Buechel Barbershop is doing big things

Kristen Jett, Jackie Beeler and Russell Hedger

One of the really cool things about running a world famous tailgate is getting to use that platform to promote awesomeness. Today fellow Cardinal fans we want to let you know about a kick ass barber shop in Louisville that goes by the name of Buechel Barbershop. 

Buechel Barbershop which has been in business for 76 years is now under new ownership. Jackie Beeler (Owner) and her crew want to get you looking your best with one of their incredible haircuts. We can attest to their craftsmanship first hand, in fact our very own Mr. Russell Hedger got faded up last week and looks better than he’s looked in a really long time. 

Jackie has done a great job putting her own touch on the place but still keeping its charm. They have 4 barbers, two of which have been cutting hair there for a very long time, so they will have you covered. The next time you need to get that fade freshened up, head out to 3931 Bardstown Road and see the good folks of Buechel Barbershop. 
Price: $10 haircuts 
Hours: Monday’s 9-5 

Tuesday – Friday 830-530 

Saturday’s 8-1

Buechel Barbershop cuts Men’s, Women’s and children’s hair.


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