Week 9 football games that Louisville fans should pay attention to


Photo: USA Today Sports

Chaos Saturday? That is what we are hoping for, with Louisville avoiding that chaos, of course. Seven undefeated teams are on the road tomorrow, and a couple of those games could definitely help Louisville if we get the right outcome. Let’s take a look at the games you should be keeping an eye on and who you want to win.

The rankings are from the AP. The College Football Playoff rankings come out on Tuesday at 7 p.m.. Those will be the ones that matter.

#10 West Virginia @ Oklahoma St.   12:00   FOX

Who we want to win: Oklahoma St.

West Virginia has found their way into the top 10 and are a threat to get into the playoff if they win out. They face #8 Baylor to end the season, so one of them will surely not make it. But if the Mountaineers get knocked off and then take out Baylor, the Big 12 likely gets left out, depending on what else happens. West Virginia enters this game as only 3.5 point favorites, so maybe Oklahoma State can get the job done at high noon.

#2 Michigan @ Michigan State   12:00   ESPN

Who we want to win: Michigan State

In their last two games against Rutgers and Illinois, Michigan has won by a combined score of 119-8. Needless to say, they are playing well. On the other hand, Michigan State has lost 5 games in a row. Sparty is struggling. It’s a rivalry game. Time to play spoiler, right? Right?

#24 Penn State @ Purdue   12:00   ABC/ESPN2

Who we want to win: Purdue

This one isn’t a huge deal. But if Purdue beats Penn State, it just makes Ohio State look worse. That is pretty much all that is going on here.

Duke @ Georgia Tech   12:00   ACCN

Who we want to win: Duke

Strength of schedule. That’s all.

NC State vs Boston College   12:30   ACCN

Who we want to win: NC State

NC State is 4-3 and can still make a bowl game. Our dominating win over them looks better if they can make the postseason. Also, Patrick Towles is the QB at Boston College. Easy decision.

#6 Ohio State vs Northwestern   3:30   ESPN

Who we want to win: Northwestern

Ohio State is still very much alive to take a playoff spot. Do they destroy Northwestern or still have a hangover from last Saturday’s loss in Happy Valley?

#4 Washington @ #17 Utah   3:30   FS1

Who we want to win: Utah

This is the big one for Louisville fans. Washington may be the biggest threat to keeping the Cards out of the playoff. We need them to have at least one loss, possibly two. This would need to be one of them. They do not face another ranked team for the rest of the season. College Gameday will be in Utah for this one, so a win by the home team will help Louisville immensely.

#8 Baylor @ Texas   3:30   ABC

Who we want to win: Texas

Same story as with West Virginia. One of them needs to lose, and one of them surely will when they play each other. At least I am pretty sure that’s what will happen. However, if one would like to lose before then, and then knock off that other team, that would work too.

Wake Forest vs Army   3:30   ACCN

Who we want to win: Wake Forest

Strength of schedule. Wake Forest is 5-2 on the season and should go bowling.

#13 Boise State @ Wyoming   7:00   CBSSN

Who we want to win: Wyoming

I don’t think this one factors in. Boise won’t catch up to everyone. But they are still undefeated so a loss will be just fine.

#7 Nebraska @ #11 Wisconsin   7:00   ESPN

Who we want to win: Wisconsin

Nebraska is undefeated and has back to back road games against Wisconsin and Ohio State. Should they win both of those games, they likely find themselves in the Big 10 championship game against Michigan. So they would definitely have enough opportunities to pick up quality wins. Not to mention, if they won out and won the conference championship, they are surely in the playoff. We want Wisconsin to knock off this undefeated team. I think they have done that in some sport before, right?

#3 Clemson @ #12 Florida State

Who we want to win: ???

I made an entire post about this earlier, which you can read if you haven’t already. There are benefits to both results. I can see both sides. It just all depends on what else shakes out this year, much like other games, but especially in this one. Would the committee take two ACC teams? Do we just want our quality win looking better than our close loss? So much debate. You decide who you want to win. I will say that most of the feedback has been that people want Florida State to win, but there have been Clemson responses as well. Chaos. Just root for chaos.


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