Patrick Towles loves the Louisville Cardinals

Patrick Towles.jpeg

Louisville will see a familiar face at Quarterback on Saturday for Boston College. It is Patrick Towles. Yes, THAT Patrick Towles. The one that used to play for Kentucky and could never beat Louisville, yet has an obsession with the Cards. Remember this post the year after he was significantly outplayed by Kyle Bolin?

The weird part about that post is that by the time he did get another shot, Drew Barker was the starter. Patty Ice got in late and threw and interception, probably because he loves Louisville so much.

The tweet is gone, but back on January 26 when this year’s football schedule was released, Towles tweeted “Praise the Lord for the 5th of November”. OK then, Patty. That time is coming.

Flashback to 2014 just because.

And this week. Still wants people to know that he is familiar with Louisville.

Patty loves the Cards!


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