Week 10 football games that Louisville fans should pay attention to


So by now, we all know that Louisville is 7th in the College Football Playoff rankings. What some people seem to forget, is that there is still a lot of football to be played. Honestly, whether we were 5th or 7th, we still wanted the same things to happen. So it doesn’t really matter that we are 7th right now. Just keep winning. Here are the games of interest for Louisville fans this weekend.

The rankings I will use from here on out will be the playoff rankings. They are the only ones that matter.

#4 Texas A&M @ Mississippi State   12:00   SEC Network

Who we want to win: Mississippi State

The talk all week has been about Texas A&M being in that 4th spot. The committee knew what they were doing. They put someone 4th that no one thought would be there, and stirred up all kinds of talk about the rankings. Bottom line, we just need them to drop another one.

#8 Wisconsin @ Northwestern   12:00   ABC

Who we want to win: Northwestern

Wisconsin has two losses, but there is still a chance they can make it to the Big 10 Championship game. Nebraska would need to drop another game and then Wisconsin would own that tiebreaker. They already have losses to both Ohio State and Michigan, but if they win out and then beat one of those teams in the championship game, is that enough to get them in the playoff?

Wake Forest vs Virginia   3:00   ACCN

Who we want to win: Wake Forest

It would be nice if Wake doesn’t blow them out, but a win would put them at 6-3 on the season, giving Louisville another bowl team on the schedule.

#3 Michigan vs Maryland   3:30   ESPN

Who we want to win: Maryland

The Wolverines are 31 point favorites and have been rolling along all season. Do they ever overlook someone and trip up? Not sure, it’s doubtful. We may want them to just win out. But of course a Maryland win here would work for me.

Houston vs Bye Week

Who we want to win: Houston

At this point, this isn’t a safe bet. You are dead to me, Houston.

#2 Clemson vs Syracuse   3:30   ABC/ESPN2

Who we want to win: Syracuse

Look, I get it. We probably actually want Clemson to win out at this point, making our one loss look as good as possible. But as long as they can still mathematically lose two ACC games, I will be rooting for that to happen.

#19 Virginia Tech @ Duke   3:30   ESPNU

Who we want to win: Duke

Just for strength of schedule purposes.

#22 Florida State @ NC State   7:00   ESPNU

Who we want to win: Florida State

We need them to win and win some more and climb back up in the rankings. It is our best win and we need it to look as good as possible.

#6 Ohio State vs #10 Nebraska

Who we want to win: Nebraska

A big win by the #10 team may push Nebraska past Louisville for all we know. But we need some chaos. Let’s have Nebraska give Ohio State a second loss, and then Ohio State hand Michigan a loss, and then Michigan turn around and give Nebraska another loss. I am just tossing things at the wall right now to see what sticks.

#1 Alabama @ #13 LSU   8:00   CBS

Who we want to win: Alabama

A win by LSU would put them at #1 and Alabama at #2 for all we know with the committee. A loss by LSU may even bump them up to 4. Who knows? In all seriousness, we are better off just having Alabama win out and destroy their SEC opponents so the SEC doesn’t look like a second team should be in the mix. I thought they did that with Texas A&M, but whatever.

#5 Washington @ California   10:30   ESPN

Who we want to win: California

One of the biggest roadblocks to get into the playoff is undefeated Washington. SOMEONE NEEDS TO BEAT THEM! Utah was close. Can California knock them off at home this week? Just do it.

Enjoy the weekend. Go Cards!


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