Week 11 games for Louisville fans to pay attention to


We have been posting this for a few weeks now. As Louisville fans, of course the top priority is for the Cards to take care of business and win. But with the College Football Playoff still a possibility, we will need some help. Here are the games this week that would have an impact on UofL moving up this week or not.

#1 Alabama vs Mississippi State   12:00   ESPN

Who we want to win: Mississippi State

We probably just want Alabama to win out and have their spot locked up, but this result would still be fun.

#10 Penn State @ Indiana   12:00   ABC/ESPN2

Who we want to win: Indiana

I don’t think Penn State is a threat to make the playoff. But if Indiana can beat them, it makes Ohio State’s loss to Penn State look worse. Apparently, that loss was more impressive than Louisville’s loss to Clemson. HA!

#9 Auburn @ Georgia   3:30   CBS

Who we want to win: Georgia

Auburn is on the outside looking in, and they do have two losses. But they also control their own destiny in the SEC and still play Alabama. If they somehow win out and win the SEC, they may sneak in. I don’t see it happening, but as long as they are still hanging around the top 10, they are worth mentioning.

#7 Wisconsin vs Illinois   3:30   ESPN2

Who we want to win: Illinois

Wisconsin is still in the picture. They have lost to Ohio State and Michigan, but can still make the Big 10 Championship game and beat one of those two teams and end the season with momentum. They probably aren’t losing today.

#5 Ohio State @ Maryland   3:30   ESPN

Who we want to win: Maryland

Maryland left the ACC and we took their spot. They probably aren’t helping us again today. But thanks for the spot, Terps.

#2 Clemson vs Pittsburgh   3:30   ABC

Who we want to win: Pittsburgh

I said before, as long as it’s mathematically possible for Clemson to lose two ACC games, I will say that we want the other team to win. They probably won’t, and we may still benefit from them winning out. But they have become incredibly difficult to root for.

#8 Texas A&M vs Ole Miss   7:30   ESPN

Who we want to win: Ole Miss

Texas A&M could lose this game and move up into the top four. That’s what it seems like, anyway. They seem to be the darling of the committee, and I don’t understand it. They may need to lose out to really be out of this thing. Crazy.

#4 Washington vs #20 USC   7:30   FOX

Who we want to win: USC

OK, Washington…it’s not funny anymore. It’s time for you to lose. I have watched more PAC 12 football than ever this season, and I don’t want to have to watch anymore. USC needs to go ahead and get this done. After a terrible start to the season, USC has won five games in a row, scoring 40+ points in four of those games. Fight on!

#3 Michigan at Iowa   8:00   ABC

Who we want to win: Iowa

Michigan continues to win. Can Iowa get them in a night game in prime-time?


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