Don’t get too high or low about tonight’s playoff rankings


*Note – Tonight’s rankings come out later than usual. These come out around 9:00 p.m. after the Michigan State basketball game on ESPN.*

I realize that this probably won’t change anyone’s way of thinking. I am not trying to tell you how to feel or react. But when the College Football Playoff rankings are released tonight, things will go one of two ways.

  1. Fans will be ecstatic that the Louisville Cardinals are in the top four and are on track to make a run at a National Championship.
  2. Fans will be absolutely sure that the committee hates Louisville and will do whatever it takes to keep the Cards out of the top four.

Whichever ends up happening, one thing will remain the same: tonight’s rankings do not matter. After tonight, there are still three ranking shows, including on December 4 when the final rankings are revealed. There are two weeks left of the regular season and then conference championships. That is a LOT of football left to be played.

Louisville obviously still plays Houston and Kentucky. Ohio State and Michigan face each other. Penn State is still alive to win the Big 10, which sounds crazy. Washington only has one loss, but still plays Washington State. Clemson plays at Wake Forest and if they win that, they play in the ACC Championship. There is plenty of time for more chaos, and Louisville probably needs it.

When the first rankings came out, Texas A&M was in the fourth spot, ahead of undefeated Washington. This caused a big stir and got everyone talking about the rankings. Because of that, I have been convinced that these shows on Tuesday nights are just that: a show. The committee puts Alabama at the top because that is obvious. But the rest of the way? They can do whatever they want that will get the people talking, and they are covered by the fact that there is so much football left, that is can sort itself out. So until it does, they can play with everyone’s sanity.

Go back to the first week. If it was Alabama, Clemson, Michigan, and Washington like most expected, there wouldn’t have been a lot of chatter. Throw a wrench in there and all hell breaks loose, which it did. The committee can have fun with us, and they will.

Louisville may be 3rd tonight. They could also be 5th tonight. Anywhere from 3-5 will not surprise me. The bottom line is that we need to beat Houston and Kentucky and still hope for some chaos with the teams around us. As Aaron Rodgers said, “R-E-L-A-X.”

If you choose to flip out tonight, go for it. Just know that there is a lot of football left, and still two more “shows” before the actual final rankings are announced.

Go Cards…Go Chaos!


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