Awards Center RRTG Tailgate MVP: Wake and Kentucky

Feeling a little better today after that terrible loss to BBN. We realized that we had forgotten to post the Wake Forrest and Kentucky tailgate MVP’s. Check it out!

Kentucky Tailgate

Tailgate of the Week: JT Allen

Check out this bad ass tailgate rig! Bright Red paint and an awesome Louisville logo, JT is always pulling up to the parking lot in style. They plan on remodling the inside although it’s already pretty sweet. We hope you enjoy your MVP award from Awards Center and hopefully it finds its way on the wall of the rambler. Congrats!

Tailgate MVP: Jason Floyd

Jason has been a staple of the RRTG for a while now and has always brought delicious food and killer flip cup skills. Saturday we finally rewarded all his hard work. Congrats Jason, you deserve it.

Wake Tailgate

Tailgate of the week: The Little Debbie guy

I must admit, I somehow deleted all my notes so I lost all the info for this particular tailgate but please feel free to tag these spectacular tailgaters on FB/Twiter. When we arrived at their tailgate we were greeted with delicious smells from the grill and high fives all around. These guys really do it up right and even have their own tailgate bathroom just like us! They use their van for Little Debbie’s during the week and Cardinal tailgating on the weekends. Pretty cool if you ask us, true dedication. Congrats guys. 

RRTG COOKOFF Champion: Raegen VanBogaert

Making her famous gumbo dish, Raegan was able to bring home the championship. Not gonna lie, wish we had a bowl right now. Raegen won a custom RRTG grill set from Awards Center. We know she will be grilling up fancy treats for years to come. Congrats!

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