Holba to Reece’s Senior Bowl

Louisville’s Long Snapper will be representing the Cards in the Reese’s Senior Bowl. Holba, a standout baseball player at Eastern High School in Louisville has emerged as rock in the middle for Louisville’s special teams. After only playing in one game as a sophomore Holba took over the long snapping duties in 2015 and has played excellent ever since. His steady play has got the attention of the Reese’s Senior Bowl where he will be snapping on January 28th.
How do you know if your team has a great snapper on special teams? When you don’t know his name until he graduates and it is time to replace him. This observation has served true for Colin Holba. For two years he has made long snapping at UofL uneventful and that’s why we greatly appreciate him! Special Teams in the NFL has become a circus. The league pushing back extra points has made the once automatic PAT attempt an adventure. This change has lead to the long snapper position being more valuable than in the past. With the added pressure on NFL teams to steady their PAT’s a long snapper of Holba’s quality could be a valued addition to an NFL roster. The RRTG wishes luck and prosperity to Holba in the future.

Also, who the hell is going to snap for us next year? I hope we don’t find out until he graduates!


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