Ain’t nothing but a chicken wing on a string: Louisville’s best Billy Hoyle’s

With Q and Hicks out with injuries and the prospect of seeing a whole lot of McMahon and Levitch in the future, we at the RRTG couldn’t help but think of Louisville’s all time “Billy Hoyle” team. “Billy Hoyle” is a name given to a disrespected / unassuming white basketball player that balls out against opposing teams. The name is inspired by Woody Harrelson’s character in the movie White Men Can’t Jump.

So which players in UofL’s history looked like they should be on the French Scrabble team but instead humiliated opponents on the hardwood? The earliest Hoylistic baller we can remember at RRTG is Jeff Hall. We have to admit that most of us are too young to remember him playing but after watching videos of the 1986 championship, this dude represented like Billy Hoyle himself.

The 1990’s brought us a plethora of milkmen but the two who stood out the most to us were B.J. Flynn and Brian Kiser. History may have fogged our memory but we are pretty sure that Kiser shot 100% from three and that B.J. led the NCAA in charges taken.

The 2000’s followed with Brad Gianiny and David Padgett. This dynamic duo Hoyled out for the Cards bridging the tough stretch between the 2005 Final Four and the 2008 Elite Eight. Padgett is still making his impact Hoyling our current team during practices as a coach.

During the 2010s era we have seen some of the Hoyle greats. Kyle Kuric did just about everything a student athlete can do. He was the Prom King, had his own corner, created a toy drive, gave up his scholarship, posterized more dudes than FatHeads, closed out Freedom Hall in the most Billy Hoyle performance known to man, and survived brain surgery to just go on and continue playing pro ball. Wichita Tim Henderson and Luke Hancock crushed the dreams of opposing teams during the 2013 tourney run by draining timely threes and overwhelming the hearts of women across the Nation.

We may have left many a “Billy” off the list so hit us up and make your case for your favorite Hoyle performance from a Card.

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