Signing Day:Current Roster by the Numbers

Here’s a quick look at what we got and what we need.


Defensive Line

10 Players, 4 SRs, 6 SOs

There are a lot of DL bodies on the roster and a lot of youth. Here’s to development!


12 Players, 2 SRs, 3 JRs, 7 SOs

The linebacker position has a good blend of experience. You would like to see a couple more SRs in the rotation next year but the mix is good.


11 Players, 5 SRs, 5 JRs, 1 SO

This group is loaded with upper classmen. It could benefit from including some youth through signing day.


5 Players, 2 SRs, 1 JR, 2 SOs

Nice blend of experience but low head count. Maybe some cornerbacks can transition to safety to add depth.



5 Players, 2 SRs, 1 JR, 2 SOs

We good.

Offensive Linemen

16 Players, 3 SRs, 10 JRs, 3 SOs

A lot of OL players on the roster and the majority are upperclassmen for 2017. With a dire need of talent on the OL, something’s got to give right?

Wide Receivers

12 Players, 4 SRs, 4 JRs, 4 SOs

A PERFECT mix of experience and depth.

Running Backs

6 Players, 3 SRs, 3 SOs

Same situation as WRs

Tight Ends

6 Players, 3 SRs, 2 JRs, 1 SO

A lot of bodies and a lot of upperclassmen. Is there room for a freshman?


Long Snappers

3 Players, 1 SR, 1 JR, 1 SO

Nice blend of players.


4 Players, 3 JRs, 1 SO

Upperclassmen heavy group. Could use some balance in experience.


2 Players, 2 SOs

We’re good for two years.


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