Full Game: Louisville vs Miami 2006

Mario Urrutia

Photo: mycn2.com

It’s Friday. We are less than 4 weeks from the 2016 football season kicking off for the Cards. Let’s start watching some old games to get ready, shall we?

The day was September 16, 2006. Louisville had opened the season by dominating Kentucky 59-28 and blowing out Temple 62-0. Game 3 would bring the Miami Hurricanes to town. Hmm, playing a bad team to open the season and then a team from Florida coming to PJCS in the third game of the season. Sound like 2016?

The big and bad Hurricanes stomped on the bird, and then Louisville sent them into a hiatus from college football that they still haven’t escaped from. Whoops! Enough talk, here is the game, along with the recap if you want to check it out.



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