Week 8 football games for Louisville fans to pay attention to


As long as Louisville stays in the conversation to make the College Football Playoff, I will try to post this each week. Yes, the Cards need to win and take care of business. But we also need some chaos to start happening in our favor. Some teams will need a loss or two. What games matter? What scores should you be looking up? Here is a quick guide to that.

The order of these is not of importance, just kickoff time. The rankings are the AP ranking, not the playoff ranking, which will be released soon.

#10 Wisconsin @ Iowa   12:00   ESPN

Who we want to win: Iowa

Even though Wisconsin is at #10 and just three spots behind Louisville, they already have two losses (Ohio State and Michigan). They probably are not a threat to pass a one-loss Louisville team. But if Iowa wants to knock them off and make those wins by Ohio State and Michigan look a little less impressive, that is fine by me.

Syracuse @ Boston College

Who we want to win: Syracuse

This one isn’t a huge game for Louisville fans, but it can help. Syracuse still has a chance to get to 6 wins and make a bowl game, but they need to win this one today. It would be decent for Louisville to have a 62-28 win over a bowl team on their schedule. Plus Patrick Towles is the QB for Boston College. Always remember that.

#22 North Carolina @ Virginia   3:00   ACCN

Who we want to win: Virginia

Virginia is not very good. But with Louisville playing them next week, picking up a win over UNC would be helpful to the strength of schedule for the Cards.

#1 Alabama vs #6 Texas A&M   3:30   CBS

Who we want to win: Alabama

I am convinced that one of the four playoff spots is for Alabama. I don’t see them losing two games. So if A&M beats them, it gives the SEC West another team in contention for the playoff, because you know a one-loss Alabama would make it over a one-loss Louisville team. I believe we need Alabama to knock A&M back and out of our way.

#3 Michigan vs Illinois   3:30   BTN

Who we want to win: Illinois

The spread here is around 38 points, but Michigan has been upset at home before when they were a huge favorite. Let’s hope for it again, but not count on it.

#8 Nebraska vs Purdue   3:30   ABC/ESPN2

Who we want to win: Purdue

Nebraska is 6-0 and still plays Ohio State in the regular season and could face them or Michigan if they make it to the conference championship. So they have some opportunities to get themselves in that top four. They probably don’t lose today, so we will need Wisconsin or Ohio State to knock them off in the coming weeks.

#24 Navy vs Memphis   3:30   CBSSN

Who we want to win: Navy

Any win by Navy makes Houston’s loss to them a little less ugly. Plus it is a Naval Academy against Memphis State. This one is easy. Go Navy!

#12 West Virginia vs TCU   3:30   ABC/ESPN2

Who we want to win: TCU

It’s always easy to cheer against West Virginia. Now they are creeping too close to the top 10. An undefeated Big 12 team could possibly sneak in the playoff, so we need them all to have a loss.

#5 Washington vs Oregon State   6:30   PAC12

Who we want to win: Oregon State

If Washington runs the table, they likely are in the playoff. They have one ranked team left on their schedule, and that is next week at Utah. They are 37 point favorites at home today. Shock the world, Beavers.

#11 Houston @ SMU   7:00   ESPN2

Who we want to win: Houston

Win and win big, Houston.

#2 Ohio State @ Penn State   8:00   ABC

Who we want to win: Penn State

The spread here is around 20 points in favor of the Buckeyes, but that atmosphere is certain to be electric tonight. Can Penn State pull off the upset?

#16 Oklahoma @ Texas Tech   8:00   FOX

Who we want to win: Oklahoma

Houston beat Oklahoma. So wins by the Sooners make Houston look a little bit better.


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