We need a hero!



All is lost.

Everything is in question.

Where do we go from here? Should we even be cheering for college sports? We the UofL fan base have been obliterated. It is the lowest of lows.

We need a hero. Someone to save us all from the constant despair and seemingly never ending spiral of doom. Someone to rally around. A person to do things the right way and give us something we can have faith in cheering for. Someone to save us from our biggest enemy, OURSELVES. New coaches, blah. A new AD, blah. Coaches will always be here for the money. We already have an AD who loved Louisville more than anything and it wasn’t enough. We need someone to spark the passion and pride we all have for OUR CITY. It has always been Louisville against the world and we need our student athletes and fans.

It is way too much to ask of kids. To save a city but we have the kids to do it. Louisville is full of bright, passionate kids, with high morale values. We also have one of the most passionate and intelligent fan bases in the country that can rally around these athletes. We can all represent the University THE RIGHT WAY and heal.

Enter the football team.


With a game looming Saturday and the fan base in turmoil what will go down at kick off? Will we rally around the football team and try to move forward? Or will we shun all college sports and find other things to do with our time. We need to rally and you couldn’t ask for a better group to rally around. Even though people keep trying to drag our football team into the realm of the basketball scandals, this team has done nothing but give us excellent entertainment while doing it with class.

If we show up and support this team, and they go on a run and work some much needed magic, our wounds could heal much quicker. So let’s start with football and let their success carry us into women’s basketball and then onto baseball and then maybe by next summer’s end we will be ready to see the sun rise on a new and improved UofL athletics program.

See you on Saturday! Go Cards!



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