What’s Next for Lamar?

What’s Next for Lamar?


Lamar has declared for the draft so what’s next for Lamar? God only knows.

As all Louisville fans know, Lamar is capable of anything. He did the impossible at UofL bringing a Heisman trophy to the program and has the character mixed with physical ability to rule the NFL. But the NFL has proven over and over again that character and physical ability mean nothing if a player is put in the wrong situation……. Google the Cleveland Browns. Knowing this, one question has the folks at the RRTG in a heated debate, what team do we want Lamar to go and continue his career?

We can break it down in two steps. 1. Figuring out teams who need a QB or will need a QB in the near future. 2. Of those teams find a franchise that is the right fit.

Teams Who Desperately Need a QB

Denver Broncos – The Broncos statically had the worst QB in the league in 2017. (According to ESPN QBR)

Arizona Cardinals – Palmer is retired, again, so now who gets to throw to a 64 year old Larry Fitzgerald?

Cleveland Browns – World renowned dumpster fire that started the 3rd worst QB in the league. Seriously only the 3rd worst.

New York Giants – benched the youngest forehead brother and all hell broke loose.

Baltimore Ravens – Joe Flacco, Joe Flacco, how the hell did you win a Super Bowl Joe Flacco?

Teams With Major QB Uncertainty

Chicago Bears – Trubisky had the 2nd worst QBR in the league.

Miami Dolphins – Jay Cutler and a bunch of hurt guys.

Indianapolis Colts – Is Andrew Luck still alive?

Teams Who Have Middle of the Pack QB’s & Can’t Decide What the Hell to Do

New York Jets – Middle of the road QB, what do you do?

Washington Redskins – Middle of the road QB, what do you do?

Buffalo Bills – Middle of the road QB, what do you do?

Cincinnati Beagles – Used to have a middle of the road QB, now not sure what they got.

Jacksonville Jags – Bortles.

Kansas City – A top 10 QB with a better QBR than Wilson and Brees, but for some reason KC doesn’t seem in love with him.

Teams Who Need to Prepare for the Future

Green Bay Packers – Rogers is 34 and has shown some wear and tear. Maybe he should get on that Brady program?

LA Chargers – Rivers is 36. And he is Phillip Rivers.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Big Ben is 35 and has turned into Old Ben.

Atlanta Falcons – Ryan is 36, I’m starting to see a trend here.

New Orleans Saints – Brees is 38, man what the hell was in the water in the early 80’s? Whatever it was pumped out some serious QBs.

New England Patriots – Brady is a man, he is 40. He wants to play until he is 72. He is one hit away from exploding into pieces like every QB in this category.

Teams Who are Set at QB for Now

·       Philly Eagles – Hope he comes back healthy next year, he was fun to watch.

·       Houston Texans – Hope he comes back healthy next year, he was fun to watch.

·       Tampa Bay Bucs – Hope he comes back healthy next year, he was fun to watch.

·       Minnesota Vikings – Hope all 20 of them come back healthy next year, they were fun to watch.

·       Dallas Cowboys – Dak has a little time to get to the playoffs. And by a little, I mean, like a year.

·       Detroit Lions – The owe your boy A LOT of money.

·       Seattle Seahawks – He good.

·       Tennessee Titans – Mariota is Nashville’s poor man’s version of Russel Wilson. OK, homeless man’s version of Wilson.

·       LA Rams – Goff’s got the keys to a Ferrari, for now.

·       Carolina Panthers – Cam’s a dick, but he’s an electric dick, kind of like a dil…..

·       Oakland Raiders – Gruden going to turn Carr into Joe Montana, or something like that.

·       San Francisco 49ers – Jimmy Garoppolo is Joe Montana, or something like that.

Now that we have taken a look at where all the teams stand with their current QB situations let’s focus on how the teams that might draft a QB would fit for Lamar.

Please God don’t Let these Teams Draft Lamar

These teams have been in a rebuilding year for it seems like decades. Or longer. Many also have a history of ruining QBs careers.

·       Cleveland Browns – no need to pile on.

·       New York Jets – there’s a reason why they haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1968 and haven’t been to the playoffs in almost a decade. Not sure what the reason is but leave Lamar out of it.

·       Washington Redskins – Daniel Snyder seems to want to be the owner and GM. The problem is he seems to not be good at either.

·       LA Chargers – NFL vagabonds. They will play second fiddle to the Rams until God knows what happens? A move to Mexico City? Viva Lamar!

·       Chicago Bears – that 1985 Bears team was dope. You know what’s not dope? Bears’ QBs since.

·       Cincinnati Bengals – Bungels, bungels, bungles. Put the Jets, Redskins, and Bears descriptions above into a blender and you get the Bungels.

Interesting Play Now Teams

These teams show some promise of winning and need a QB ASAP. Lamar could shine at these destinations or burnout fast.

·       NY Giants – the heat in NYC for Lamar would be intense from day one! It’s a do or die town where Lamar could be the greatest of all time or be chewed up and spit out. Or both. The good news is Lamar is familiar with NYC because you know, Heisman.

·       Miami Dolphins – the Fins are a pubic hair away from being in the Please God don’t Draft Lamar category. But the chance for Lamar to return home and restore the Fins to glory with Devante at his side would be story book type stuff.

·       Jacksonville Jags – a solid team with a strong running game and defense. Add Lamar’s explosiveness to that mix and watch out, the Jags could contend. The only question is can the Jags sustain their recent success? Or is it back to the basement next year?

·       Baltimore Ravens – a franchise with a history of winning and a fan base desperate for ANY sign of offense. Lamar could restore the Ravens’ running attack and get them back to championship caliber quick.

·       Colts? – Luck or no Luck? With Luck the Colts move to the Wait in the Wings category. Without Luck Lamar has a chance to start from day one. Lamar and TY could do some serious damage together.

Wait in the Wings

Falcons, Pats, Saints, Steelers, Patriots, Packers, are all solid franchises with aging QBs. If drafted by one of these teams Lamar would sit behind a veteran, develop, and wait for his chance.

So who should you want to draft Lamar? You should be in one of two camps. 1. Hope Lamar gets a shot with a team where he could be the missing piece to complete a Super Bowl run. 2. Hope Lamar gets drafted by one of the storied franchises with a 30 something QB who mentors the young gun until he is ready.

We will find out where his journey begins on April 26th.


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