Top 10 Worst BBN fans

It’s hate week and the hate has been swirling more than ever. So today in a total troll move on our own part, we bring you The Top 10 Worst BBN fans. These folks make it such a pleasure to live in this State and we thought we would honor them.  Please feel free to add any YEWKAY stereotypes that we may have missed.

10. The Lost Kitten – This cayut fan shows up to football and basketball games decked out in UK gear. So what’s the problem with that? UK isn’t playing! The Lost Kitten routinely shows up at other universities’ games to cheer on their cats AND their cats are at least 100 miles away playing a different team. Why?!?! Why do they do this? Your guess is as good as ours? This is also the same person screaming “BBN gets in” all the time. Hey man, it’s called Stubhub, everyone can get in.

9. The Slapdicks – These Cats not only hate the University of Louisville but they HATE the entire City. Even though they live off of the revenue generated by Louisville they hate everything about it. And if they had it their way they would get rid of Louisville and make it become its own State. To most living in Louisville that plan doesn’t sound to bad.

8. The BBBN – The Big Blue Basketball Nympho. Does UK have any sports but basketball? Don’t ask this person because they have no idea. They frequently say “I only like basketball” and that actually means “I only Kentucky basketball and no other sport exist”. In this person’s world, only UK basketball exists. You could be talking about your team or talking about the 70’s Packers and this gent will bring up UK basketball. Super Bowl? UK bball. Olympics? UK bball. Shuffle board on vacation? UK bball. Make a joke about UK football? Any comeback has to do with UK bball.

7. Ashley Judd – Just like UK, she was hot in the 90’s and is repulsive now.

6. The Jock Swinger – Also known as The Drake. This fan boy has never had season tickets to any UK sport, never attended the University of Kentucky, never donated a dime to UK, and literally has nothing to do with the University but is a diehard UK fan. Maybe native jock swingers need something to cheer for in their awful lives and feel like they are cheering on their State? But what about the whole other class of jock swingers who were not born in Kentucky and never lived in Kentucky and for some reason still love UK? We have no answer……

5. The Office Cayut Lady – You work with this cayut fan and they are rabid. But they are clueless about sports and UK. They are well known for making comments about how despicable UofL is but can’t name any players on any UK team. Do they even watch sports? Probably not, but somewhere along the line they decided to join the office discussion and make an ass out of themselves.

4. The Smurfs – The Smurfs wear nothing but UK gear 24/7. Their closet, if they have one, is blue and white from left to right. They dress like an 8 year old boy. Going to a funeral? Why not put on my top shelf UK gear?

3. The Benedict Arnold -This fan was born in AND graduated from UofL but for some reason hates the Cards. They are often some of the worse UK fans because deep down in their souls they know they are a traitor and this causes them to act out as a vicious UofL hater. This constant emotional conflict of loving their City and hating their ALMA MATER tears them apart.

2. The Cardinal Obsessed – This kitty cat fills their day posting about the Cards. They hate UofL so much that they know more about the Cards than their own team. They are mostly found on social media but have been spotted in the real world driving cars with a UK branded Calvin urinating on a UofL logo. Approach these UK fans with caution because what drives their obsession may be scarier than anything you can imagine!

1. Troll King – The equivalent of Rush Limbaugh in the Kentucky world of sports, this UK fan made a name for himself by praying on the passion of other UK fans. As Troll King this fan takes every opportunity to tear down UofL and does it with a grin. This has made him the leader of thousands of UK minions who will not hesitate to destroy people. Don’t believe us? Google “KSR and John Higgins”. His antics generate unnecessary hate in the community and he uses this hate to grow more powerful like a sith lord.


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